Trucking - Specialized Transportation Services

Industrial Projects

The company offers customized IT-based solutions across the supply chain EXW to Site to handle complex, ODC, and global logistics. We assist the clients in Dismantling (Second Hand Plants), Packing, Carnage, Sliding, Skidding, Rolling, Hydraulic Jacking, Air Cushion Systems, Customs Clearance up to positioning onto the foundation.

Supply Chain Management

  • Expediting Warehousing
  • Inventory Control Export
  • Packing Customs
  • Clearance Procurement

Specialist Services

  • Customized integration solutions for complex supply chains.

Technical Support

  • Route Surveys & Rehabilitation Country Logistics Studies
  • Design & Engineering Infrastructure studies
  • Marine Surveying
  • Ship brokerage


Container Leasing and Sale

We can meet all your delivery requirements by providing local coverage by our global network offices in transparent and competitive tariffs. Minimum transport cost as containers sold directly from the depot near you. Containers on rent with one year commitment period, purchase feasible on request. We are highly flexible in our purchase offers to the clients.


  • Sell containers to the clients directly from the depot in our nationwide network which is closest to them in order to minimize transport costs.
  • Arrange delivery at cost to the client with one of our wide range of haulage contractors.
  • Vehicles will always be equipped with HIAB lifting gear to place each container where you designate on your site.
  • We rent our containers, but since they are new, we usually require a minimum commitment period of one year.
  • We mutually agreed to a purchase price with the clients so that they can buy the container at any time after delivery if they so wish.


  • Smooth & fast clearance with adherence to government regulations.
  • Processing incentives claims with excise & customs
  • Professional workforce, experienced in all aspects of customs clearance.
  • Customs license & approvals of inbound or outbound cargo in multiple locations.
  • In-House CFS and transports system is facilitating priority movement of containers and fast clearance process.
  • 3C Seamless CFS operation, Customs brokerage & Cargo Transportation
  • Advance filing of BoE’s
  • Monthly MIS with TAT reports and GAP Analysis
  • IT Solutions: A powerful new range of integrated IT services.
  • Specialist Services: Customized integration solutions for complex supply chains.


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