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Giving Back

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Abhyansh, we believe that our success as a company is not just measured by our financial performance, but also by the positive impact we have on society and the environment. This is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our business strategy and daily operations. Our commitment to making a difference extends beyond just fulfilling legal obligations, but encompasses all aspects of our operations, including the way we interact with our employees, suppliers, customers, and the wider community. From supporting local communities, reducing our environmental footprint, to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we are dedicated to making a lasting positive impact.


Our Activities


Tree Plantation at Gau Shala

The team Abhyansh went to Gau Shala to plant trees to show its commitment to sustainability.


Distributing to Needy

Our team took the risk to expose themselves to the deadly Corona virus to support the needy.


Distributing to Corona Warriors

To salute the efforts undertaken by the Corona warriors, we went extra mile to feed them so that they can concentrate on their work.


Loading Food Packets

The team Abhyansh undertook a project to distribute food to the Corona workers and the needy community.


Tree Plantation at GRP

To support environment, Abhyansh regularly participate in plantation activities.