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Abhyansh has added another feather to its cap by opening a new office at Mundra Port. With this new office, Abhyansh Shipping will be able to manage a wider range of activities for its customers covering the large western side of India.

Mundra Port is one of the busiest ports in India that handles almost 145 million tonnes of cargo annually. The importers and exporters who trade this port will now be able to utilize the high-quality services of Abhyansh which deals in surface transport along with sea and air freight.

Abhyansh started its operations in 2013 offering top-notch services to its customers in all tracks of international logistical solutions. Abhyansh’s wide range of service offerings includes international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, inland transport, industrial projects, domestic and international courier, and warehousing.

The presence on Mundra Port will allow Abhyansh to offer service flexibility and more options for its customers. Mr. Abhiraj Gupta of Abhyansh Shipping asserted, “We are very happy to expand our operations to cover Mundra Port. It’s the hard work of our people and the trust shown by our customers in us that is allowing us to grow and progress. We are thankful to all.”

Dharmesh Nanda, who looks after the branch operations at Abhyansh mentioned, “With growth comes more responsibility and we are prepared for it. We have upskilled our team to manage activities for multi-location operations. We have made provisions in our working style to cater to customers from different segments and sizes.”

The management at Abhyansh is happy about the new office and the exciting work it brings to the organization. The office will be fully operational from the 1st of November, 2022, and will be ready to support customers from day one.

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