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Ayodhya, the holy city in Uttar Pradesh, is gearing up for the grand inauguration of the Ram Temple. As the city prepares to welcome millions of devotees and tourists, the Uttar Pradesh government has undertaken various initiatives to promote green transport in Ayodhya. These efforts aim to ensure efficient and eco-friendly transportation for visitors during the auspicious occasion.

Electric Buses and Golf Carts

To accommodate the expected surge in tourists and pilgrims, the government plans to introduce electric buses on the Dharma Path and Ram Path in Ayodhya. These electric buses will provide convenient and sustainable transportation options for people visiting the Ram Temple. Additionally, Ayodhya will also witness the introduction of golf carts and e-rickshaws, further enhancing the city’s green transport infrastructure.

Parking Facilities and Corridors

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s Office has been actively involved in developing parking facilities to manage the increasing number of vehicles. Temporary and permanent parking spaces have been designated along crucial routes, including the Saket Petrol Pump to Lata Mangeshkar Chowk stretch. Moreover, corridors have been constructed to facilitate smooth movement and efficient management of crowds during darshan, worship, and travel.

Expansion of Parikrama Routes

Ayodhya is known for its sacred parikrama routes, including Chaudah Kosi and Panchkosi Parikrama. In preparation for the inauguration ceremony, new areas have been marked at Udaya Chowk along these routes. The development of parking lots covering a significant area will ensure ample space for vehicles, making it more convenient for devotees to perform parikrama.

Green Mobility for VVIPs

Recognizing the significance of VVIP guests attending the Ram Temple consecration, special arrangements are being made for their transportation. The government has deployed 12 electric cars at key locations like Ayodhya Cantt Railway Station, Ayodhya Dham Junction, and Maharishi Valmiki International Airport. These electric cars will offer a pleasant and eco-friendly journey to VVIP tourists.

GreenCell Mobility’s Contribution

GreenCell Mobility, an electric mobility player, has been chosen as a partner by the Uttar Pradesh Urban Transport Directorate to deploy 150 intra-city electric buses in Ayodhya. These buses will play a crucial role in providing transportation services to devotees within the city during the auspicious period. This initiative showcases a monumental shift towards environmentally friendly public transport and is expected to save over 600 tonnes of tailpipe emissions per month.

As Ayodhya transforms into an eco-friendly tourist hub, the deployment of electric buses and other green transport options aligns perfectly with the vision of sustainable transportation solutions. These initiatives not only contribute to a cleaner and greener future but also set a precedent for environmentally conscious practices in public transportation.

With the green corridor routes, well-managed parking facilities, and the introduction of electric vehicles, Ayodhya is all set to welcome devotees from around the world to witness the historic Ram Temple inauguration. The city’s commitment to green transport initiatives reflects its dedication to preserving the environment while providing a seamless and memorable experience for all visitors.

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